We believe that each follower of Christ is gifted by the Spirit of God to both contribute and participate in bringing the things of God to those in the church, with the outcome being that of encouraging and strengthening the body.  Groups and ministries are simply one avenue of blessing and caring for one another.

Here are a few ways that members at the Seattle Vineyard are giving of their gifts to bless, and be a blessing, to others. For information on how to get attend any of these groups, or learn about other possible groups, please contact the church office at 206-547-4354.

  • Homegroups

    People are encouraged to live out their faith in these groups focusing on community. It’s easier to get to know people in the church when you are able to encounter them in the smaller setting of someone’s home.

    • North Seattle Homegroup
    • North-End Family Homegroup
    • Women’s Ignatian Prayer Group
  • Support Groups

    A men’s support group provides a welcoming place for men to seek support and accountability in dealing with lust and pornography. The men’s group is currently working with the book, “Hold Me Tight,” by Dr. Sue Johnson. This is an open group that can be attended at any time.

    A corresponding women’s support group meets to come alongside spouses of men who are struggling with various levels of sexual addiction.